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Update Date: 2020-10-28

Turbotax Previous Year Tax Return

Thus, when asked by TurboTax for my traditional IRA balance, I entered in the value of my Rollover IRA, but then that triggers tax consequences..Turbotax previous year tax return Does anyone know if Turbotax, or HR Block can convert my saved taxact file??.Used them since 2009 (when TurboTax pulled a price-gouging trick).Only you can decide whether it’s worth doing or not..After I entered the 1099-R, it asked if I made any non-ded contributions.TurboTax is nothing if not thorough.But it’s not required.

Paul Moyer is the owner and Founder of SavingFreak.com.Complete Form W-4 so your employer can withhold the correct federal income tax from your pay..It takes only minutes to use.Attach the explanation that says that;s how much it was.Your instructions worked great for federal – but this being my first year doing a backdoor roth conversion (2012 and 2013)- should I be getting hit for state taxes on the full conversion amount? MA is my state and turbotax has the normal 5.3%.

Turbo Tax was not picking up the 2013 basis for the Traditional IRA contributions.Turbotax 2019 deluxe with state discount price Best debt consolidation companies 2020: A single loan to cover multiple debts.You can also contact your employer or payer of income..Did you know that H&R Block lets you pay tax prep fees out of your federal refund? Learn more with detailed information from the tax experts..Thank you @Bryan for the tip.Consult our advertiser's page for terms & conditions..I enter 10500 in there and as expected it balances out, but it’s a little confusing..

TT had kept my basis at $0 for the past several years.@SamO – I think I’m in the same boat.If I enter $10000 for distribution in 2012 Roth conversion, the message did not appear.I enter 10500 in there and as expected it balances out, but it’s a little confusing..Note: If you fall into this tier and have a basic tax return, you might check out Credit Karma Tax.Thus, when asked by TurboTax for my traditional IRA balance, I entered in the value of my Rollover IRA, but then that triggers tax consequences..

If any of the income listed is incorrect, you may do the following:.Turbotax home and small business Clicking on the button creates a pop-up window that explains the topic in detail – a somewhat less confusing solution than H&R Block’s searchable popup help windows.By contrast, comparable paid plans from TaxAct cost about half as much without compromising on any features, forms, schedules, or support.But it’s not required.TurboTax benefits from immediate name recognition and has a first-rate customer support infrastructure.

This will auto-populate a lot of your information and save you some time.We hold them until we get the past due return or receive an acceptable reason for not filing a past due return..If you are filing a joint tax return, enter the same AGI for you and your spouse (if you or your spouse did not file or efile a tax return last year, enter 0 in the appropriate AGI field).After that, in one of the “Find Your Basis” screens you will enter your contribution for 2013 as your basis..I think I might need to amend 2011’s taxes.

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