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Rain on me lady gaga video|Watch New Lady Gaga And Ariana Grande "Rain On Me" Video

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Lady Gaga - Rain On Me - video dailymotion

1288 reviews...

Lady gaga hits - 2020-03-28,Maine

(All of that said, only time will tell if it can topple Natasha Bedingfield's Unwritten as the world's foremost rain-based pop anthem.).In an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe released Friday, Gaga said she was initially “too ashamed to hang out” with Grande, despite the fact that the two women “connected right away” once they did get together.She was [like], ‘You’re hiding.’ And I was, ‘I am hiding.

Fitting in with the sort-of-cyberpunk aesthetic around Chromatica as a whole, the video features Gaga and Grande clad in sci-fi-inspired plastic-and-leather-wear, dancing amidst a rainstorm in a morose, futuristic city.All Rights Reserved.Watch the “Rain on Me” video below.  .

Another added: ‘They both look stunning, [this] might be one of the best music video’s I’ve ever seen in my life.’.

All lady gaga songs youtube - 2020-04-03,Indiana

Gaga previously described Chromatica as a dance record, telling Apple Music’s Zane Low that the pop sound and futuristic, high-energy video for "Stupid Love" is part of Chromatica‘s out-of-this world tone.Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande released their song “Rain on Me” on Thursday night amid a social media love-fest that had Gaga thanking Grande for “reminding me I’m strong” and Grande calling Gaga a woman who “immediately felt like a sister to me.”.The album is available now for pre-order and will include the previously released single “Stupid Love.”.

MORE: Pamela Anderson insists she didn’t make sex tape with Tommy Lee as she teases ‘naked vacations’."I sat with her and we talked about our lives," Gaga previously told Paper magazine of "Rain on Me," her first vocal collaboration with Grande.

lady gaga youtube video

Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande join forces on upbeat video, song ...

Lady gaga youtube video - 2020-02-23,Pennsylvania

What do U think of the vid, Perezcious music lovers?? Give it a watch (above) and let us know (below) in the comments!!.Grande then responded and wrote, "I love you so much more."We’re definitely dancing," Gaga said.

Oh, and Gaga gets stabbed in the leg at some point after a storm of knives pour from the sky and she spends quite a bit of time behind a pane of glass nearly drowning in a downpour.The clip then segues to them dancing in different outfits where Ariana actually lets her hair out of her iconic ponytail at one point! It was a rare sight to see as she has been rocking this particular hairstyle for a very long time.I’d rather be dry, but at least I’m alive," she wrote.

Grande then responded and wrote, "I love you so much more."It’s two women having a conversation about how to keep going and how to be grateful for what you do.".

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All lady gaga songs youtube - 2020-05-02,Idaho

Spring doesn't even end until June 20, yet Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande's new duet, "Rain on Me," is being called the song of the summer because of its incredible vocals and irresistible beat.As if it were a competition, Gaga's next hairstyle is even longer.I’m totally hiding.’”.

At one point, she fully transforms into Grande, high ponytail and all.To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories.Other collaborations expected on the record include a song with Korean pop group BLACKPINK and another with famed singer-songwriter Elton John.

Although the singers' hair is arguably the star of the "Rain on Me" video, we can't ignore the other beauty elements — especially the graphic makeup like Grande's gold and white eyeliner looks, and Gaga's streaks of crystal tears.

lady gaga videos music

Best Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande "Rain on Me" Makeup Looks ...

All lady gaga songs youtube - 2020-04-22,Connecticut

© 2020 CBS Television Distribution and CBS Interactive Inc.Filled with amazing choreography, killer outfits, creative makeup and, yes, rain, Gaga and Grande pull out all the stops for their collaboration.I’m totally hiding.’”.

At one point, Gaga becomes a giant, Blade Runner-style projection and — underscoring the song's message of making the best of a bad situation — by the end turns the dystopia into a dance floor."We’re definitely dancing," Gaga said.Another added: ‘They both look stunning, [this] might be one of the best music video’s I’ve ever seen in my life.’.

Rain On Me follows as the second showing from Gaga’s sixth LP, which was teased with the similarly disco-infused Stupid Love, which became a top five hit on both sides of the Atlantic.And then when it felt appropriate, I was like, ‘OK, we can get abstract,’” she said.

Lady gaga hits - 2020-03-22,Wyoming

The first single off Chromatica, Stupid Love, debuted earlier this year.Chromatica — Gaga’s first new album since 2016’s Joanne, which became her fourth consecutive record to reach number one in the United States — was originally scheduled to come out on April 10, but Gaga delayed its release due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.Another day, another massive collaboration for Ariana Grande! The 26-year-old and her equally talented celeb pal Lady Gaga, 33, dropped the video for their highly-anticipated track “Rain On Me” on Friday, May 22.

Unveiled as the second single from Gaga’s highly-anticipated sixth studio album Chromatica, the bop sees the two pop stars belt away their pain and trauma under an elastic synth-disco beat that Donna Summer would be jealous of.Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande Drop 'Rain on Me' Music Video.

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